HCLR High School Scholar Initiative

The Harvard College Leadership Review (HCLR) is the official publication of the Leadership Institute of Harvard College (LIHC). In an effort to prepare future college students to be effective leaders before even beginning their undergraduate education, we have decided expand LIHC leadership training to bright, motivated, and passionate high school students.

Through this program, high school students will work with a diverse group of Harvard undergraduate mentors with an interest in leadership to develop writing skills and produce feature length articles for the publication. The Harvard College Leadership Review is dedicated to bridging the gap between professionals, leaders, and inspired students. As a Harvard College Leadership Review Scholar, students will be able to pitch and create their own content, ranging from interviews with business professionals and CEO’s to Leaders of the Week with the help of Harvard undergraduates.​

Feature articles will be published both online and in print.​ ​​We hope that this program will broaden the reach of Harvard’s positive impact in creating the next generation’s leaders.

Eligibility requirements to apply for the Harvard College Leadership Review High School Scholar program:

  • Be a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior in high school.
  • Have a strong interest in leadership, business, and/or journalism.
  • Be able to commit to writing one to two feature-length (~1,250 to 2,500 words) pieces by the end of this semester (by the end of December 2016).
  • Have reliable email and internet access to communicate with Harvard undergraduate editors.

To apply, please fill out this form. Applications are considered on a rolling basis, but earlier applications are given preference.